just today...

Ian is home :)

And i really want to cut my hair short for the wedding.
(but i'm 94% sure i won't)



...and sometimes, the kindness in others literally takes your breath away...


things good and lovely

What to do...with so many gross and distressing things i can never un-know, and never un-see.
That's what praying and pinterest are for.

flowery rings

warm, rustic spaces

prettiest blue cheveux

and such sweetly presented truth.


happiness is...

...kissing the baby brother fresh from the bath.


Transplant Day +1

The transplant is done, and the boys are doing well. I can't believe it, almost...it's felt like so long in coming and it's here and gone. But now Ian's real fight begins...his body has to rebuild his entire immune system and absorb Caid's DNA.

If you haven't yet, please visit the blog and read up.
And please be praying for Ian in the coming weeks! These are the most vital.

i am so proud of these brave boys it almost hurts my heart.