this and that

Liking this quote.
"Out of 100 men, one will read the Bible, the other 99 will read the Christian." 
                        ~D.L. Moody
and THANK YOU for the prayers for Ian...he's doing well. follow up appointment next week. please continue to pray that there will be no infection, and that his fever would go down :)


little boys

Henry and Ian at 7 months!

little ian is having surgery tomorrow for what might be a kidney problem.  they don't know yet.
PLEASE pray for our sweet, beautiful little guy


brazilian chicks

i'm subbing at mhs today and just heard this little gem...
class is nearly over and the students are all chatting.

boy student: Wait--where do you find Brazilian chicks?

girl student: Um, Brazil? (walks to front of the room, pulls down a map and points to it)

boy student: Wait--it's in South America?? That's it. I'm going to college there.



tonight i suddenly recalled an experience i had as a young teenager...it brought on wonderful thoughtfulness, fascination, introspection...and just a tad of amusement.

it happened at a friend's youth group that i attended for a few weeks (somewhat begrudgingly, i might add, given my agonizing shyness). overwhelmed by the crush and crowd of dozens of loud, outgoing, chatty teenagers, i was doing all i could just to pretend i was smiling. everyone knew each other and everyone had friends. i was all alone...the friend i had come with had seemed to disappear.