it's been a harrowing week for the Adams and the rest of the family. we almost lost Ian again a couple of days ago. life is so precious, everyone. kiss your babies, love your family, pray for your friends.

read the story here.


My friend Searcy is very, very sick.

Searcy is my dear friend Pip's wonderful sister...who over the years has becom a dear friend to me as well. She has beed plagued and almost killed by this medical mystery for so, so, long now..

She posted this on facebook from the hospital yesterday... 
"Well-I'm back here again. Prayers needed please for complete healing and wisdom for the doctors."

This lovely lady's spirit, wit, honesty and steadfastness over the long, painful course of this illness has been a constant source of hope, humbling and inspiration to so many, as she has done her best to keep people current with the twists and turns and praises and heartaches
For example, a few days ago she posted this...
"Wanna hear about miracles?! The majority of my medical debt from this illness just went from $94k to $1738.16. The reason given on the bill?! "Hardship". God moved mountains on my behalf. PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
then today...
"Prayer needed please: All my veins are blown so I'm getting a PICC line today also in prep for tomorrows surgery. Last time there was a complication in inserting the PICC and it shocked my heart painfully. Please pray for peace, protection, agility of hand, and increased trust in our Lord. ❤"

Tonight i sent her an email containing June 25th (today's) devotion from "My Utmost..."...and it so encouraged and quickened my spirit i thought i'd post it here as well...it almost made me cry. seriously...God is so wonderful, and so dear...



happy father's day, my dear papa.
(your 30th one, at that!)

it's been a long ride (see what i did there?) but in countless ways, that is a great and awesome thing, and i am learning that more and more every day and thanking God for it.

i count you as one of the most bountiful sources of blessing and growth on my life. through all the hugs, the tickle fights, the hurts, the joys, the years of butting heads and laughing til we cry, here we are.

i know how many people have no earthly father they feel they can acknowledge today, for whatever reason, and i am all the more grateful to be able to say: i love you, dad, and i'll see you later this afternoon. isn't that wonderful?


forget the soul mate?

Enjoyed this simple, thoughtful post today. It made me smile, nod thoughtfully, and say "hm". All acceptable criteria for a repost, i think...

just to clarify...i liked it not because i see Chad in it, but because i see both of us in it. I see me in it. 
...i see a lot of what i had to learn for myself to get to a place in my life where i was ready to lay a lot of preconceptions down.

i think it's a worthwhile read. maybe you'll like it, too (: