last night laura and i saw andrew bird at the largo...the show was opened with a surprise appearance by zac galifianakis, who told us funny jokes. it was an incredible show...definitely a superb one to start the year off~~

here are some of the pictures laura shot.

other than that...i'm just trying my best to feel inspired every day.




so, i just bit the bullet and cleared my desk for art and painting use ONLY.

drawings, watercolors, oils...! so many to accomplish it overwhelms me! the places, the things, the faces...

now all i have to do is find my easel.



"you can never be the same after the unveiling of a truth. the moment marks you for going on as a true disciple of Jesus Christ or for going back as a deserter."

God, i'm praying for  an unveiling.
and the courage to perceive it without doubt or fear.


backwards wink

Christmas came and went and so did 2010...
...pretty much the whole decade...

i am learning to give my fears to the Lord
...stop thinking it's all about me...

learning what is it i love
...who, what, and why...

enjoying the rain and cold...and cherishing the sweet warmth of tiny baby boys.

thank you Jesus