so, so seedy.

people's conversations in this peet's are almost *always* ridiculously amazing. these two guys at the table right next to me...i don't even know where to begin.

they're in their 60...i don't know if they're friends or just met...but one of them is telling the other about his seedy past.

About how he made decisions that left him destitute, then he hitchhiked to NY, then he "conned his way into welfare", then he met a woman, started a relationship, then never called her again ("she was pissed"), on and on...and after all of it, he told his friend that his one regret was...ready?...that he stopped meditating. because meditating made all his problems seem so small and insignificant. 

he just quoted bill mahr. he calls himself a "congregational existentialist". he hates young actors because they're "petty little fuckers...and poets who will do just about anything for a 50 dollar bill". and his wife does tai chi.

oh...and the other guy does tai chi, too.

aaand they both just said "nice to meet you" to each other and left through separate doors. 
huh. and there you are.