9x12, graphite



lovely cool air crept into the city this morning...

you just love how posed this photo is.

first waking in the new abode...



...moved in.

come by and visit :)

(but do it before saturday because then i'll be gone for a while)



today was good and exhausting. moving in this heat = YUCK. still, got lots of boxes to the new apt today...tomorrow is the last big haul...anyone want to help?? i'll buy you beer!!!


boxing up my life...


post #100

is it just me or did that come really fast? like everything right now...it's all coming so fast...

...except, of course (this being southern california), for fall. 101 degrees today. SHEESH


"we love the beach"

music video for an original tyrant lizard king song

i love my sister



the address for this blog has changed. it is now:


just as you see it. reset your browsers :)



It's been almost a year since i last dyed my hair brown. every single individual hair on my head is perfectly dual-toned, half blonde half brown. i thought it was kinda funny.


anna: would you stop touching my keloid??

cam: i'm trying to pop it!

anna: it doesn't pop!

cam: wanna bet?



prayer, lunch, make cupcakes, draw, decorate cupcakes, pack, dress up as a lizzie, birthday party, bed.



i've been working all week on my first real, full-scale background painting...which i hoped to have completed by tonight...alas i'm heading to bed defeated! i'm just too tired...i'll have to finish it tomorrow. it'll be nice to be done with this whole "learning process" and be able to whip one out in a couple of days like everyone else seems to do!
for now...sleep.


"are you coming back tomorrow?"

i had such a good time spending time with, and helping high schoolers with art projects all day today that i truly almost can't believe it.

and yes, they did call me miss police. which they thought was hilarious.


hi, i'm miss police

tomorrow i have my first day as a substitute art teacher at maranatha.
high schoolers.
i was saying to my family tonight that i'm this really weird combination of feeling like kind of a cool, hip, older-than-them-but-still-young-enough-to-be-cool artist person...but also dealing with the fact that, when among them, the inside of me reverts back to a shy, insecure 15-year-old that is nothing but a painfully awkward geek who doesn't fit in with anyone...so it's kinda confusing.

should be interesting.


sometimes i am blown away by what vulgar language people will so loudly and brazenly use in pleasant, public places. i suppose i shouldn't be, but i am.




so much looming in the
front of me

so much needing to
be done

ah, the excitement...and oh, the fear!


3 win

starting 2 new employment opportunities
latest commission going well
laura and i got the apartment we wanted!

and 1 lose
time to budget for rent...which includes weaning myself off my daily coffee :(



andrew and i are sitting outside of a starbucks drinking iced coffee, when a woman and a chatting little boy walk by. they are nearest just in time for us to hear her her say sweetly to him: "sometimes you talk about things that really aren't that interesting to me."
it takes a moment to sink in, but suddenly andrew and i are aghast in quiet, almost forced laughter, sharing whispered "oh my god"s as they pass us.
we are speechless for a few seconds, then andrew smirks and says, "i'm sure the kid feels the same way."


world's most boring injuries.

a couple of years ago i messed up my knee so badly i still have to run with a brace on it...i hurt it by sleeping on it wrong.
yesterday i bruised the bottom of my foot by pressing it too hard on the rung of the stool i was sitting on. i was concentrating so intensely on my drawing i didn't notice how much pressure i was putting on it for so long a time...and now it hurts to walk.

see...? boring.



"God is not an eternal blessing-machine for men; He did not come to save men out of pity: He came to save men because He had created them to be holy."
~oswald chambers



potentially big day tomorrow...


open window

the first time in weeks
outside is cool and clean and
i breathe the night air


oh, i'm not stressed! i just have rocks in my stomach and my head kind of feels like a swollen balloon and i can't breathe too well and i want to curl up in bed and sleep for a month.
but i'm not stressed.


terrible beauty

amazing time-lapse photography of the smoke from the station fire. all it needs is a philip glass soundtrack...



i hate money