Photoaday week 3

By week 3, i'm starting to get antsy. But i finish what i start, dang it.
Day 15...this day i rebelled.
the prompt was "in your fridge"...which i thought was totally lame. 
little newborn baby faces. welcome to the world, baby Luke!
silver dollar Eucalyptus. aside from Gingko and Pepper, they're one of my favorite trees.


the secret mind palace

every so often, there comes the comfort that--to put it simply--just because you don't process and function they way everyone around you seems to, it doesn't mean you're broken.

i read this today, and usually these self-discovery/affirmation-type lists rub me the wrong way, even if i identify with  them.

but because this one hits at the Christian aspect of my life--that being, the most important and also the most personal and fragile part--and reflects me so clearly, it almost brought me to tears. the things i have always struggled with, and as a result feel like i'm not a successful christian. it's like someone looked into my walk and experiences and wrote this just for me (except maybe for the first sentence) one of those: "i know a lot of people think that this applies to THEM most, but if they only understood, they's see that it actually applies to ME more than anyone!!" ha.
tis bittersweet.


Photoaday week 2

Second week of the FMS Photoaday project...
my alka seltzer fizzling away 
No shame here! Random sampling...

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cloudy palms. that sounds like a strange resort. 


Photoaday Week 1

A little late on this...here's the first week of Instagram Feb Photo a day...!

i never finish cake. 
my great aunt's rocking chair 
Evan's glass vase, used for the first time in our new apartment.


the next day

What did i tell you...? today is better.
Praying in the morning and reading "My Utmost..." with my husband over breakfast certainly didn't hurt.

Could i go so far as to say that's the whole reason?


ah, the wonders of a cyclothymic brain!

also, i'm gonna do this:

perhaps i'll upload the weeks's photos every thursday. that should be fun.

happy february :)