maybe you've experienced this, or maybe it's just me...
but i've found that learning to see your worth in the eyes of Jesus, and in the eyes of those who esteem you is hard, painful work. you wouldn't think so, but it is.



every time i see someone parked in our alley and there isn't a little white paper stuck under their windsheild wiper...a small part of me dies.


sometimes i forget how blessed i am.


i never stop wishing i could hold you again


nova scotia

i don't really know anything about it except that it's pretty to look at and apparently the lobster is good. but i want to go there mostly just because the name is so fun to say.


well, just accidentally trashed the entire month of april on my iphoto. including all my coachella footage.



effing eff.

*really* pissed at the city of pasadena right now.

i can't afford to buy a loaf of bread and i get ticketed twice in one week for parking in places i've been parking for months...EVEN MY LANDLORD PARKS IN THE ALLEY DURING THE DAY, for heaven's sake! you better have given HIM a parking ticket!

yes that was me yelling.



so remember how i was in a group show last night? well this will give a little taste of what went down...

and it has my name in it...which is pretty sweet.
i almost feel marginally hip.



it's hot

da, io voglio beaucoup autres langues sprechen, por favor

i really wish i was smart enough to be a linguist.

a desire that started about 7 years ago and comes and goes like a slow-ebbing tide.
right now it's pretty high and i'm buried to my waist in it. sigh.


no, really

so, yeah...i'm sick and exhausted, overwhelmed with circumstances beyond my control, and have no idea what i'm doing with my life...

...but just felt sorta...happy and hopeful today.

how bout that.



rough morning.

unsure and uninspired...
physically and emotionally drained.
so many people are suffering.

grateful that the only thing i can do, is also the best thing i can do--that is--to pray.



hey. i'm going to be in an art exhibition this saturday night. you should come check it out.
i wrote about this same group show a while back...you can see the post here. this time i'm in it!!
i don't really have any new work...since the theme is "process", most of what i will be showing will be preliminary pieces or unfinished ones.
the other artists are ridiculously amazing. you will not be sorry.



crossing big things off my to-do list in the past week.
work possibilities pursued, finished the script, wrote a LOT, finalized what i'm putting into an exhibition in LA, trying to diligently pray and commit my every day to Jesus, and in general taking just a few steps closer towards the rest of my life...


...what a Savior
hallelujah what a friend
saving, helping, keeping, loving~
He is with me to
the end.



i'm just now beginning to fully realize (yes i meant that) how truly challenging, upheaving, difficult, painful, amazing and exciting the rest of this year has the potential to be.



perusing down the aisle at trader joe's...

employee: you need help finding something?
me: no thanks!
employee: oh, so you just look lost, huh?