i hate the question "what kind of music do you like?" because the only real, honest answer i can give is "good music", and then i just look pretentious. catering to staunch genre biases, to me, is like saying you won't eat mexican food because you ONLY like sushi...and not because one is better than the other, but simply because they taste different. which is fine, but then it's your own fault that you never get to try guacamole.



when one of my 13-year-old friends IM's me on facebook, i find myself inevitably falling into a haze of crappy spelling, acronyms, smiley faces and lots of exclamation points. and that's just my typing.




i like being sick better when its cold.

"oh, colleen. it's not tacky at all. it's amazing."

tonight i gave a friend the gift of big, white, ceramic cockatoo with painted gold detail. when i bought it months ago, i almost second-guessed myself...it really was an ugly, dreadful thing...
but the awed delight on danny's face, as he pulled it from its wrappings in the middle of his own gallery opening this evening, banished every thought of doubt from my mind.
that just has to be one of the best feelings in the world.



as i attempt to make bread pudding with stale croissants left over from laura's wedding shower, i try not to be too sad that i didn't have the right recipe...


dear greenpeace,

it does not make me want to talk to you any more urgently when you call me apathetic as i walk past you in old town because i don't have time to stand and argue with you as to why i would rather put my money towards feeding starving children as opposed to saving the polar bears.

thank you


english breakfast

last night pip and i met at peets and i rekindled my love for loose-leaf tea.

my coffee routine may be facing serious competition...


bring out the best

what's the big deal with mayonnaise? why all the hate? you can't have a decent tuna sandwich without some. greek yogurt just doesn't cut it for me.



sometimes i go into the grocery store without a jacket, just so i can feel the cold air tingle on my arms.


pueblo, nm

we drove slowly over the dirt roads, senses piqued for any movement or sound. the only signs of life we ever saw in that silent little town were a group of 4 bridled horses meandering in the dusty street, and 2 boys pushing an oversized tire through an empty lot. then the army helicopters arrived...




what are you waiting for?



"i have never met the man i could despair of after discerning what lies in me apart from the grace of God."
~oswald chambers



this year i have discovered refried beans, kimchee and coleslaw.


i filled out an application yesterday that included a basic math test. great time to find out i don't remember how to do long division.


actively immovable

unbelief is proof that not doing something can be a sin. like when i don't believe that Christ can redeem people or circumstances. i don't even consciously make the choice to "not believe" it...but then i despair. and that is my own fault...because he has always only ever proved me wrong.




it seriously must be january



george harrison's "my sweet lord" is one of the prettiest, most heartbreaking songs i have ever heard.


kindergarteners working on art projects

"girls are made from ribs, and boys from dust and earth," said 5-year old bailey to 3 of his classmates.
"boys always come first," naomi, next to him, stated thoughtfully.
"boys usually come first," he replied, "except sometimes when girls do."



i know that once i am arrived i won't even care...but for the present, i hope that there are storms and rain in heaven. imagine how glorious they would be...and then the beauty that comes when it's over...


boom (woof)

thunder shook the house today...
and i don't mean the meyers' dead dog.



no one can take it easy like my dad can take it easy.