there are origami cranes all over my floor...


crap crap crap crap

occupational hazard of spending too much time with high schoolers #2:

after a lifelong history of only about one bad cold a year, i'm now sick for the 4th time since september.



i feel like i haven't been really truly not sick in about 6 months. ugh.


code fabulous

just in case you've been secluded up in a silver oak tree for the past couple of months, here is a link to 'some beats'...from the genius minds of pip and ian. turn it up!!!


fun fun fun fun

occupational hazard of spending too much time with high schoolers #1:

i've had FRIDAY stuck in my head for 5 DAYS STRAIGHT 



my friend carole, over at worked out wrote an inspired post today about comfort in discontentment (i regrettably know far too much about this) i encourage you to read what she has to say...and find some hope in it.
i did :)



at the risk of sounding painfully banal...

i need to trust God more.

because i am finding myself increasingly tired, doubtful, scared of things, and unable to function. and i just don't have time for that right now.



i am unsurprised but still in heartache to hear this news of the mounting severity of the nuclear disaster in japan:
"The boss of the company behind the devastated Japanese nuclear reactor today broke down in tears - as his country finally acknowledged the radiation spewing from the over-heating reactors and fuel rods was enough to kill some citizens..."
i'm wondering and praying and waiting for the myriad effects the events of last friday will have on the japanese, and therefore the world.
i'm positive we don't even have a clue as to what their enormity could be.


i told my mom that roger ebert called Rango "some kind of miracle". her response:
"Well it BETTER be some kind of miracle!! For 200 MILLION DOLLARS?? it ought to rise from the DEAD!" 


these beliefs

i usually don't go for this kind of thing, as i think most christian artistic media is painfully mediocre... but i thought this was sincere and genuinely creative. not perfect by any means...but then what is.

inundated mind!



"nice pants," said the middle aged man as i passed him.

i was wearing a skirt.