something's different...

Sometimes your sister uses your work computer over the weekend...so you come in on monday to find your Cintiq skewed at a weird angle, your desktop covered in a guy dressed as pokey, and a copy of your favorite Sargent painting gruesomely defaced.

i call that a good start to a monday.


good morning

Don't you dare get between Caid and his toasted English Muffin with cream cheese and blackberry jam.


autumn odes

Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.  ~George Eliot

Bittersweet October.  The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter.  ~Carol Bishop Hipps

No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one autumnal face.  ~John Donne
 photo by me...2008 :)



Guys that buzz around driving deafening ridiculous cars and bikes are pansies.


29th &c~

It was my birthday on saturday...and it was a lovely, low-key day. Chad gave me some axe-cop comics, Alec and Sarah gifted me with a generous donation to World Vision, and my dad gave me his iPhone! I so did *not* expect that.
<<--There, as you see, is my face. Photographed by a hipster app on said iPhone. I feel so cool and hip it's a little uncomfortable.
Chad tells me i am  now "part of the machine".

Yesterday i helped babysit at church, along with Reid and Jeanette. Reid spent most of the time on the floor getting pummeled and bossed around by Caid and Ioni. At one point, as Reid lay motionless under a table, i heard this:

Caid: You're in the furnace!

Reid: I know...it burns so bad!

Caid: It'll burn you to BONE!


just rad.

Have i mentioned that i'm completely enamored with St. Vincent's Annie Clark?
oh that's right, i have!



Ginger (in the kitchen doing dishes): I'm cleaning this quetzacoatlus.

Joey (on the computer working): You gotta clean those quetzacoatluses.

Me (from my room): No one likes a dirty quetzacoatlus.

Joey: Right. Show me *one* person who does.

Me: (pause) I can't.

Joey: Know why?

Me: Why?

Joey: Cause there aren't any.


a glimpse into hopelessness

When i am confronted with the things that people have and still continue to suffer...isolation, endless starvation, in this age of so much "enlightenment" and "progression", i just want to curl up in bed and never wake up. These days i am choosing the confrontation...It weighs on me like a physical burden that no amount of monetary giving, or prayer can seem to lift.
Here, in this great country, we can joke all we want about the horrors of our "suffering" (see previous post) But most people have no idea--I have no idea--what real disparity of life is.
Lord, what else can i do? Please...please tell me what else i can do...




well, i have another bad infection. again. doesn't matter what/where/how...i might as well have gotten it from, you know, looking at a tree! all i know is that my immune system is shot, and that i'm exhausted and everything hurts. today i start on my 4th (or 5th?...they're all running together) regimen of antibiotics in the past year. i wonder when i will just not be sick anymore. sad face.


stay put

ever i'm waiting
today there is achy-ness
the wond'ring of when

...sometimes God is simply silent.


waking up was confusing

Yesterday i blasted lady gaga to bug chad while we were driving. I can't remember why, but i'm sure it was a very good reason.
Anyway, it backfired on me--i dreamed about lady gaga all night last night. My brain even made up new lady gaga songs. One of them was about grocery shopping.
Very, very, epic grocery shopping.

And i was wearing a Patrick Stewart mask.



i have a cold.



The twins are 1 year old today. I can't  believe how far they've come in a year.

I took this picture on my phone this morning. I barely got the photo snapped before Henry was on top of me...drool, spit up and all. Ian followed 3 seconds later.

...happy, crazy boys on their birthday!


what the fuh

Leave it to the Onion to never miss a beat! Honestly, one of the best pieces i've seen so far recognizing the enormity of Steve Jobs' life and work, and the impact of his death. A classic "it's funny 'cause it's true"!

It's already sparked an increased thoughtfulness in the creative and progressive world...there is an air of melancholy in the studio today. i guess i never knew how many people in the animation industry considered him as a hero.

We think we know so much...but we can't stop people from getting cancer...we can't stop them from dying. It doesn't matter how rich and famous and adored you are.
(blah blah philosophical mumblings.....)

The days ahead just get curiouser and curiouser...


baby baby

Recently, as i was mindlessly sorting through a clean load of my laundry, i suddenly pulled out a teeny tiny white onesie. I don't know how it got in with my clothes, and i don't really care (though i wouldn't put it past Henry to already be sneaking into my room and causing trouble).

cutest. surprise. ever.


rain really does make everything better.

i think i just found my new source of stress relief.

*update-no, really, i've been listening to it for about 8 minutes while i work and my headache is going away. 

**2nd update-i heard it's going to rain this week and i'm feeling like a kid on Christmas!