sometimes i make really simple songs sound fantascically epic in my head.



well kids, my phone is dead. so for now you'll have to get in touch with me the old-fashioned way: email or facebook.



there's something wrong with my body. why does everything hurt?? and why does there not seem to be enough circulation to my head?
maybe i've been worrying too much. or cleaning too much.


oh yeah...

a good post about being a worthwhile artist (writer, painter, musician, &c...)

it inspired me, anyway.
(especially 3, 9 & 10)



chris died last night, just a few hours after we went to see him.
so bittersweet, so wonderful, so sad.

i don't really know what else to say


another goodbye

tonight my family went to chris's house to sing to him, and he was nearly gone. labored, rattling breaths, unseeing eyes...unable to talk, unable to control his jerky movements.
but he knew we were there...he even tried to join a few times, which came out only as forced moans and cries. his other friends and his doctor sat near him, their hands on him.
and as all 10 of us crowded around to sing hushed hymns to our dear dying friend i felt like one of the most blessed people in the world to be there...

it's been a while since i've cried at the side of someone's deathbed.

 Jesus, thank you that the next time i see him he will be whole and beautiful in eternity...


our days are like grass

tonight we found out a dear family friend suddenly has between 3 days and 3 weeks to live.

chris has become so precious to us in such a relatively short amount of time that his imminent death really hasn't registered.

i feel like the Lord just gave him to us...we barely even got to experience what i have seen of his deep, overflowing, genuine, joyous and almost childlike fervor and passion for God, His word and His people.

later, chad mused bittersweetly as we drove back to my apartment: "i can't picture anyone more happy to sit at the feet of Jesus."