food/ant for thought

i've been teaching a summer school art class with wren. the kids are rad...there is a particular tiny 7-year-old girl named jenna who is adorably sensitive and eloquent. on monday i was telling a few of the kids that i ate an ant when i was little because i was trying to copy mowgli from the jungle book, and that it was spicy...

jenna: i ate an ant once!
me: yeah?
jenna: they are kind of spicy.
me: i know!
jenna: why?
me: i don't know, maybe--
jenna: cuz God made em that way?
me: yeah.
jenna: (nods) probably.



i love that laura is sitting in the next room all by herself eating mac & cheese and laughing at wallace & gromit.


rylee anne

vailant grace 

life is precious. pray now for this life, so that we may rejoice in her recovery with her family.



...it's 3:46 am and you're so tired you can't see straight but you're so wound up inside your own fearful, overactive brain you begin to wonder if you should just give up and read or write until you hear the birds start to sing...


in theory...

i have friends that could drop into every single yearly category.
i love that.



if only i had a dollar for every time i've said, "yep--just like the police department".


h2oh yeah

washing the paper
sloshing the colors around



had a really rad job this week
been busy and thinking about lots of things
oh and see Toy Story 3 in 3D because it's amazing.


formerly known as the pendletones

i've been reading brian wilson's autobiography, and it feels like ever since i started it, i've been seeing and hearing beach boys related stuff everywhere--even more than usual. (or maybe it's just that thing that happens when, for instance, you discover something you've never really given much mind to before and suddenly it's in your face wherever you go...and was it always like that and you just weren't paying attention...? you may never know...)
anyway, that doesn't really have much do do with the point of this post...just thought it was interesting.

i found these youtube links through a friend and they kind of made my week--they are beach boys tracks stripped down to only the vocals.
it's like a dream come true to hear them...as a lover of voices and harmony and, well, awesomeness...
check them out. :)

god only knows
wouldn't it be nice
sloop john b



did a watercolor painting a few days ago...check out my art blog if you wants to see.

boy am i rusty...but it was fun. i'm going to do more :)



i was in a starbucks last week waiting to meet my aunt wren, and as i was putting a drop of milk into my iced coffee, i stood in front of a bulletin board covered in fliers and postings.
there was a section of it where someone had put up some art pieces from an elementary school.
this was one of them...it scared me...why would someone put this one up???
the writing says: 
Im ty-logoyx. ive had been in the dark corner of the prom.
If anyone comes near they will be chopped into shreds. If
they die I sometimes take there clothes and use it for my own.
Nobody cought me but I will keep on doing it till i am sick of it.



one of my dreams...

to someday own a book full of edmund dulac illustrations.

arthur rackham and jc leyendecker would be rad, too.
but, you know, one thing at a time :)


"come unto Me..."

" '...and I will give you rest,' i.e., I will stay you
Not--I will put you to bed and hold your hand and sing you to sleep; but--I will get you out of the state of being half dead while you are alive; I will imbue you with the spirit of life, and you will be stayed by the perfection of vital activity. 

"We get pathetic and talk about 'suffering the will of the Lord!' Where is the majestic vitality and might of the Son of God about that?"
                                 ~oswald chambers


Remember the word to Your
Upon which You have caused
    me to hope.
This is my comfort in my
For Your word has given me

Psalm 119:49 & 50



...facebook yeilds ridiculous exchanges that make me truly "lol"...

it's too small to read! click it!


life lesson #7...one of those days

when you decide to brew a full pot of coffee, don't forget to place the carafe under the drip before walking away for 10 minutes...unless you want a really good excuse to deep clean your kitchen floor.

oh, and i just did this again.              :D


"coffee and cigarettes," said laura with a smile when she found me on the balcony this morning. "you look so artsy."
i chuckled...i guess it was true...i had discovered half of an already smoked clove in the ashtray when i went outside to sit and drink my coffee and decided to light it up (i'm so classy!). ironically, i also had my Bible spread on my lap.

just pondering and trying to pray about where everything is going.



trying to be diligent today in finishing Day 1 for the wcc puppet show next month...and i have found myself feeling the exact same way i did last year!! the theme verse is 2 corinthians 4:7. i'll need your help with this one, Lord...



sitting in my bedroom practicing guitar this morning i was thinking to myself "good LORD it's hot right now."
then i went online and saw it's only 75 degrees out...75. and breezy.
i'm going to die this summer.



life lesson #6

sometimes...ridiculous dancing at a wedding will make you more sore (sorer?) than 2 straight days of ultimate frisbee.



beautiful flowers, baking cookies, katie's wedding, music.

terrestrial flora, or an ├ętoile du mer...?
katie and i got a little frisky with the flour...
rehearsal dinner (and i'm tall)
sunday afternoon

(photos from the wedding coming soon.)


new babies

the word is officially out...joey and ginger are having twins this december...
God is good.
so are prayers.
thank you :)


i'm the one in the back fumbling with the chords...

so, might as well let you all know that i am, in theory, the new member of a band called "letting up despite great faults".

i'll be singing, guitaring, and keyboarding.

i consider it unofficial because though i have met up and played a bit with them, i haven't had a real practice session (the first of which it tonight!!) yet, and in spite of their being super cool with my having only recently picked up the guitar, part of me is kind of waiting for them to see what an amateur i am and rethink the decision to bring me aboard...yay :D
anyway, it's kind of super exciting because they are a very talented, solid and established group...we'll see what happens!