why did i wait so long to buy a pair of toms?



my laptop and i are a lot alike. for example: we both over-think everything.


laid off

well, sure hope i get another job soon!

wonder what God's got up his sleeve now...


waiting in the sky

tonight we're making moon and star shaped cookies.
come on by...and bring your inner starman!
featuring dragĂ©es (edible ball bearings), illegal in california. you can't even get them shipped from out of state.
but we showed them...come over this evening to hear the captivating saga!



a girl at maranatha died tonight of cancer. her name was jessie and she was 14 years old.
here she is just a couple of years ago before she got sick...
i only really knew her as a quiet, tiny thing with a limp, a result of having part of her pelvis removed. but she was strong, and happy, and beautifully kind...and i'll miss her. 
please pray for her family...father, mother, and older brother josh, who is a senior at maranatha.

there are just more and more people i can't wait to see in heaven someday...

to each [her] own

at maranatha today, 2 girls (taline and maria) are talking about their favorite disney movies. taline mentions snow white, to which maria replies that she didn't like that movie.

taline: she was the first disney princess!
maria: are you kidding me? pocahontas was.
taline: what??



sometimes leaves are green and purple
and you simply must take a picture



"when we choose not to love someone, it's another form of hate."
~tim chaddik of reality la

ah, well

sometimes, you'll spend all day on a scene and after 8 hours it will just look like crap...and then the art director will unleash 5 minutes on it and make it look 20x better.

and sometimes you spend all day on one scene that actually looks pretty awesome...and then the higher-ups get a hold of it and in 5 minutes make it look like crap.

oh the joys of the industry~!


it made me smile. i just couldn't resist.



4.4 earthquake at 4:04 in the morning waking me up from only 4 hours of sleep...

...these facts are seriously challenging my love of the number 4 today.



God has brought this scripture to my attention no less than 3 times in the past 24 hours...
You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.
             ~Isaiah 26:3


120 days

4 months go by really fast. especially when i compare them to the rest of my life, and living it out with this ache in my heart. she would have a voice by now...i wish i could hear her say my name.


3 little things

i discovered yogurtland yesterday and it brightened my afternoon.

acacia and aimee stayed at my apartment last night and it was simply delightful.

and lastly, mr. trololo made my week...i've watched that video at least 20 times at this point.

i credit my survival of the last 5 days primarily to these things...i couldn't have done it without them.


little dancing man

evan and i made a movie last night

yaay for creative wednesdays!



can't i just sing songs for a living?


if there was only *one* good reason to love the internet...

shining down like water

well john fogerty, i will deign to answer your now age-old question. that being: yes...as of yesterday i have, indeed, seen rain coming down on a sunny day.



i'm looking forward to going to church in the morning.
i'm painting my nails.
i'm about to fall asleep...



amaris and i have taken to meeting before work at starbucks. one morning around 8 a.m. we are each getting out something to read and she pulls out her bible...

me: oh, i should bring my bible. that's a good idea.
amaris: yeah--God's important, colleen.



i officially cannot concentrate...i might sprint down the street to buy chipotle chips like i did yesterday. when i returned from said run and offered one to my my british office-mate, he was startled for a moment, and  told me that he still thinks of chips as being what we know as french-fries, even though he's been living in america for 15 years.

i asked what he called them instead..."crisps," he told me.

i said amusedly that i should start calling them that...to which he replied "you might offend someone."



when i saw this today i suddenly realized that most of my life i have often unknowingly thought that barry manilow and rod stewart were the same person. 

my mind is kind of blown  little bit.


today i am feeling simply enamored with humanity...all its strangeness, loveliness, awkwardness, hilarity and infinite diversity. all i can do is think of how amazing God must be to create such character and beauty and ever-emerging uniqueness. people. each a small, specific expression of Him...in spite of our fallen nature...how GLORIOUS eternity will be!!



for me, seeing this was a great start to what no doubt will be a long week ahead.

i think i may have the greatest friends in the world.