making chili, baking cornbread, carving pumpkins, and of course, eating lots of candy.

a long run will be necessary tomorrow, i think.

happy halloween :)



i'm subbing for a graphic design class, listening to the kids chatting as they are (mostly) researching logo designs to create a logo of their own initials. beside me is a bag of halloween themed donut-holes. it's cold outside, and i just saw cam and reid at lunch. i am content.


"miss police" :P

i like it better when they call me "police lady" "poli-ché" or "911".

and especially when they just call me "colleen". technically they're not supposed to, but i let it slide.



windy chilly air
it feels like fall today!
i got to wear boots


how did i get here?

if someone told me even last week that today i would be subbing for high school honors physics i probably would have laughed and then cried and then said "you lie."

but here i am!

(granted, i'm not really teaching them anything, but still)


birthdays are exhausting



i'm sitting behind a teacher's desk at maranatha high school about to sub senior english lit...my first academic class.

Lord help me...



i bought 2 pumpkins today and put them on our balcony

4 is still my favorite number

i'm going to be 27 in 3 days and that's weird.


hands off

God's directions to me at this point:
"okay, colleen
turn right
turn right
turn right
turn right again,
now keep going
aaaaaannnnnd STOP.

...just wait there for a while."

whatever you say...



early tomorrow morning i'm starting a day-long trek home...traveling from annapolis to washington dc and then finally flying out of new york in the evening...bravely facing buses, subways and airplanes...without having any real idea of what exactly i'm doing!

and i'm sick.

please pray for me.


coming home tomorrow...it feels like i've been gone for so much longer than 10 days. i've done too much and seen too much and talked to too many people to squeeze into such a tiny fraction of time...! for now, i will enjoy my last day in beautiful annapolis with the lovely pappas's and their friends.

ps...living with (almost) exclusively women for over a week has completely screwed up my menstrual cycle.


10 heretofar

times square in manhattan
high line
matt in bostonrain
cookies and milk with nicolepicking apples
fall in connecticut



boston is one of my favorite cities.
today was magical...pouring rain to crisp, clear sunshine and blustery wind, leaves swirling, brick buildings, cemeteries, history, mochas, bicycles...

this afternoon amaris and i took a train to mystic, connecticut, to see nicole and her family (there's me right now, all ready to go to sleep...and in a bed...! not a hostel or someone's cement floor!)

tomorrow morning we're taking a walk around the town to see the river and the houses, and then we're going apple picking, visiting a cider mill, and then coming back to their home to make apple butter.



today as we rode the 4 1/2 hours on the bus from new york to massachusetts the scenery changed from green to orange and red and yellow.
amaris and i are in boston right now about to go to sleep at matt trimble's.
he took us to harvard, and harvard square, and bought us dinner and dessert and it was lovely.

i've decided i love boston.


part of it

in 10 hours i'll be on a jet plane to the east. 

see ya!!!!!!!


oh man i'm dragging today.

photoshop painting
movies behind me playing
not seeing quite straight