there are nice days

days that you go to santa monica with your friends on a chilly winter's afternoon and eat cupcakes by the ocean. those are really good days.


still coughing, it's cold
wait for sleep as i
think of unknown tomorrow


"O my heart, it is all a very odd life."
~Charles Williams in a letter to his wife, 12 March 1940



remember when myspace was the coolest, most newfangled, awesomest thing around?

remember when the phrase "remember when" referred to something 30 years ago instead of 3?



sometimes...you sleep through your alarm...waking up right when you're supposed to be in front of a class full of students. and then you jump out of bed so fast and in such panic, you go into vasal shock and faint on your bathroom floor...coming to just as you hear your cell phone ringing and it's the school wondering where the heck you are, and you tell them you missed your alarm and then fainted and are feeling nauseous but NOT TO WORRY you're still coming, you're just going to miss the first class! "are you sure," they ask, "because we can call another sub"...and you assure them you will be there at 9:00 insisting you will be fine...so you get up to finish brushing your teeth, only to fall down on the floor with your ears ringing again. then, after finally grabbing a bagel even though you feel like you want to puke, you run down to your car, get inside, and put the key in the ignition...and nothing happens...then you notice the dome light has been left on for about 15 hours and the battery is dead...so you have to call the school and tell them the car won't start and you feel horrible and they'll just have to get another substitute that day and you sit in the seat and can't even cry from the shock of what the heck all just happened??