Subbing today. Heard a kid say to his friends during study hall: "you guys wanna talk about some real deep conspiracy stuff?"


Like now

Sometimes sadness and lonely contemplation are just...comfortable.



Okay, so i admit i am *loving* the sunny breezy weather. Here's the thing--it's not HOT, like, i'm not sweaty and miserable, so yeah i love it.

I spent almost all day yesterday outside walking with my friend Cassandra, drinking lemonade, looking in some shops, and each of us sighing contentedly about every 5 minutes.

We ended up down at Peets where we got yummy coffee drinks and sat on the grass and drew and talked about grown-up and silly things like work, families, traveling, art, being almost 30, watching trashy shows on netflix...quality stuff. Also more contented sighing.

Cassandra drew trees...i drew my feet. Feet are hard to draw, but really fun when they come out looking even remotely like real feet. I really need to draw more.
Mom came and joined us a little later and we all lingered until the sun went down and it got pleasantly chilly.

Meanwhile, it's warm, humid and thunderstormy in N Carolina this weekend...so that'll be an interesting change of pace. Leaving tomorrow! Never been that far south-east before...so i'm excited :)

Still awfully plugged up. Praying for some relief before i get on the plane. Last time i flew with a cold my eardrums almost exploded. So...i'll be buying MucinexD at target today.

The boys are doing really well, not that i've seen them in over a week :( Ian went in for a swallow test today to see how he's doing after his poor little system was nearly destroyed after being intubated for weeks. Pray he passes so he can start drinking liquids again!
Still waiting for the go-ahead for the bone marrow transplant.

Alright. Lot's to do today...



sickly sick since early last week. death to my sinuses. yay!

this needs to stop after tomorrow, for real though. i can't take it anymore. plus, i have work to do, babies to see, and far away places to fly to! seriously though, i do. North Carolina on friday.




i've never felt so mediocre.


final genetic test

Update on the site for the Adams. The results are in...