in the hall...with the lead pipe...

every year, around the same time, my sister has a birthday.
sometimes she asks you to you come to her party dressed as characters from clue.
top row: Professor Plum (chad), Mr. Green (alec), Miss Scarlet (laura), the Lead Pipe (thad)
bottom row: Mrs. White (me), Colonel Mustard (sarah), Miss Peacock (amber)

i just have to say...this picture has some of the best faces ever. *cough*thad.



you know you're really a grown-up when you can sit in your own apartment in a new purple bathrobe and eat cheese and watch pushing daisies with your roommate until 1am and no one can can tell you not to!!

oh and i have a new job.

and i'm 99% not sick anymore.

and there was snow on the mountains this morning. :)




cool air round my bed
sigur ros drifts in my door
from the living room

warm glowing lights, i
hope it rains tomorrow and
that i sleep tonight


the night after i put up the pictures of gwen on sunday i dreamed she was alive again. i kissed her while ginger held her, she smiled her joyous smile and snuggled her face against mine, i could feel her fingers on my neck. her eyelashes on my cheek. but her voice...

i'm starting to forget her voice



while talking to chad on the phone tonight, i checked my e-mail...
me: you sent me an e-mail!!

chad: huh?

me: you sent me an e-mail!

chad: i figured out how!!


it's true

laura is this moment listening to take care by beach house in the living room.

i love this song
i love it i love it i want to be it

that's all.


okay, i'm really ready to not be sick anymore :(



what makes being this awfully sick well worth it? when a certain lovely man drives for 45 minutes and braves my terrifying germs...just to bring me soup and keep me company for a few hours. 2 evenings in a row. i'd call myself spoiled, but it's all still so new and unreal to me...so i'll just call myself blessed. :)


color theory?

"purple is all relative."
         ~justin, maranatha junior


life lesson #8

make sure you really eat enough breakfast when you take your vitamins in the morning. because vomiting into a trashcan in front of a group of students outside a classroom is not the best way to start a long day of substitute teaching.


sometimes, i can be tricky

i had far, far too much fun pissing off the crazy aggressive driver behind me today. i also think i'm lucky to be alive.



at a friend's this evening a tender spot on my heel had increased to real noticeable soreness. i looked at it and saw a small dark line...thereby figuring it was a splinter and i would just pull it out when i got home. a few minutes ago in my bathroom, i bent my leg into an almost impossible shape over my hip, took a pair of tweezers...and proceeded to pull out a straight, stiff black hair that had wedged itself almost a half inch into my foot.

i think it was pip's.



i got this book 100 Cupboards for my birthday 2 days ago and i'm almost done with it.

i love it when that happens. complete capture.

thank you alec and sarah!!