It's the last say of November already. Did you realize that? Because I didn't.


Caid's Christmas list...(that first one is "spinosaurus", for all you non-paleontologists out there)



i get a huge kick out of knowing that the search words that most often bring random people to my blog have, for weeks, been "brazilian chicks" and "patrick stewart" (sometimes accompanied by "mask").


this morning

henry one (looking for danger)

ian babe (with mashed banana face)

pretty girls with persimmons


Ginger asked me, "Colleen, do you know where the perfect place is to kiss a babe?"

"No, where?' i smiled.

"C'mere, Caid," she said, and gently took his face in her hands...


2 years

heavy with the impossible burden tonight.

for the ten thousandth time asking God why

Gwennie is so alive and vibrant in my heart it feels like it's happening all over again
didn't i just hold her? didn't i just feel her tiny little girl hands on my arm...didn't i just kiss her sweet face, and hear her little voice, brimming with first words?

this week is going to be very hard...

please pray for Ginger and the family.
i don't know what to say...but if my heart is still breaking like it is, i can't imagine theirs.


i'm hungry!

So much better. Prayers worked :)

This morning i took this picture from Joey & Ginger's window facing out over the hills...a cool November day. They say we have more rain coming tomorrow...i can't wait.

I just indulged myself in a super cute pair of Toms. When they come, and if they fit, i'll post a picture. :)

Have you seen the opening for the Office season 7? (the best version i could find is flipped :/ but it's still good)

I am contented today...in spite of things really not being much different than usual. This morning when he called to wake me, Chad prayer for blessings on my day, and on his. I think that's why i'm feeling so happy. 



oww my skin--pt 3 (...?)

i am a zombie. and not for anything Halloween related...besides, that was over a week ago guys. i know it feels like it should only be about october 15th or so, but it's NOVEMBER 7TH. (that was mostly directed at myself)

i mean i'm beginning to feel a very familiar and disquieting dizziness, increasing weakness, and aching in my joints that led to my mystery illness of the entire month of september. the lack of appetite is what really tips me off...because i can ALWAYS eat food. i can't even bring myself to open up a yogurt for lunch. which was almost 3 hours ago.

also, this morning i left my phone at home, almost forgot to put on shoes, and somewhere between the building i work in and starbucks 2 blocks away, i lost my sweatshirt. and it's freezing. and i threw away half my coffee because it made me nauseous. coffee i paid for.



blady bla

Well, tomorrow i'm starting my second to last week on Ricky Gervais. I'm happy to say i'll miss it...happy because it's really nice to like your job, and i'm crossing my fingers it gets picked up for a 4th season!

Last night Anna M took Ginger out for coffee, so Ioni was delightedly  helping feed Henry. I think this picture just speaks for itself.

I've decided i'm going to have a new segment on here where i share things that i think smell really good.

Here's a review Laura wrote of a  show headlining a band from London called Still Corners that i saw with her and Chad on Saturday. I took the picture with the article...you can see i am a seasoned professional with only the most high-tech equipment.

And for those who are still in post-Halloween mourning, here you go.



You don't have a Soul, You are a Soul. You have a body.
-C.S. Lewis