life lesson #5

if you've just recently moved an armchair from its usual spot by the wall to an unusual spot in the middle of the living room, take into careful consideration that you may just end up--in every literal, comical, painful sense of the phrase--flipped head over heels at 11:30 at night in the pitch dark of your apartment.


  1. Why do the great cartoon-like moments happen when I'm out of town?!

  2. no kidding.
    oh, laura, it was stunning. i wish there was someone who could have witnessed it!!

  3. Yikes! This is good word.

    A few months ago I ran straight into the gargantuan drop-down Air-Condition cover that hangs down from the ceiling and was in the middle of the hallway, moments after I dropped it down and thought to myself, "you're gonna run into that."