epoch of the sad, sad orchid

When i started my job here at WildBrain almost 3 weeks ago, the other 5 people in the room i work in (the background department...we're a TEAM!) decided we needed to spruce the place up a bit. My supervisor brought in some abstract art by his 3 year old daughter and another BG painter brought in a lava lamp, and some drawings by her 6-year old.
i brought a copy of a Sargent painting i had torn out of somewhere...a couple of books, and a very, very, sad, sad orchid.

i was given 2 orchids for my birthday last year. Both lost all their flowers in time, and were a little neglected on the balcony of my old apartment. But still, i saw that they got no direct light and had (somewhat) sufficient water.
One is currently in my bedroom, thriving after the move to J&G's, growing new roots, stems, leaves, and loving the filtered sunshine by the window. It is SO HAPPY...i want to giggle when i look at it! i'm serious.
The other orchid (the sad, sad one) was forgotten outside in the front yard when i moved. It not onlywent two weeks without water, but got badly sunburned as well.

i decided that i would nurse the sad, sad orchid back to health like i did the other happy one, by trimming the dead brown leaves, keeping it watered, and setting it by the office window which receives almost no direct light. When i brought it in (as part of aforementioned "sprucing up"), the long, bare stem and 2 leaves (one half-yellow from sun damage) got a few raised eyebrows and chuckles, but i was unfazed. i told my office-mates about my intentions and they supported my my experiment with enthusiasm.

i have babied this thing...giving not too much water, but enough to keep it moist (purified water, no less), making sure it gets the right amount of soft light, keeping it clean, adamantly defending its pathetic-ness, et cetera.

All this to say...i think it's dead.

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