29th &c~

It was my birthday on saturday...and it was a lovely, low-key day. Chad gave me some axe-cop comics, Alec and Sarah gifted me with a generous donation to World Vision, and my dad gave me his iPhone! I so did *not* expect that.
<<--There, as you see, is my face. Photographed by a hipster app on said iPhone. I feel so cool and hip it's a little uncomfortable.
Chad tells me i am  now "part of the machine".

Yesterday i helped babysit at church, along with Reid and Jeanette. Reid spent most of the time on the floor getting pummeled and bossed around by Caid and Ioni. At one point, as Reid lay motionless under a table, i heard this:

Caid: You're in the furnace!

Reid: I know...it burns so bad!

Caid: It'll burn you to BONE!


  1. You is pretty! Our next yogurt date we'll have to talk apps and filters.

  2. A real hipster app would be being able to plug a rotary phone into your iphone and just using it to take calls not fake Polaroid pictures~

  3. Ok anonymous people, leave your name so it's not creepy. And yes, you're right. That's why I have 2 Polaroid cameras :] But I bet if you, mr or ms cool pants, received a free phone and it had the app on it, you'd like it too. I realize that's a bold statement, but I stand by it.
    I also stand by my self depreciating comment about feeling hip, because I just think it's funny.