oww my skin--pt 3 (...?)

i am a zombie. and not for anything Halloween related...besides, that was over a week ago guys. i know it feels like it should only be about october 15th or so, but it's NOVEMBER 7TH. (that was mostly directed at myself)

i mean i'm beginning to feel a very familiar and disquieting dizziness, increasing weakness, and aching in my joints that led to my mystery illness of the entire month of september. the lack of appetite is what really tips me off...because i can ALWAYS eat food. i can't even bring myself to open up a yogurt for lunch. which was almost 3 hours ago.

also, this morning i left my phone at home, almost forgot to put on shoes, and somewhere between the building i work in and starbucks 2 blocks away, i lost my sweatshirt. and it's freezing. and i threw away half my coffee because it made me nauseous. coffee i paid for.


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  1. you know how my blog started your week off with a laugh? this one did not have that effect, but i'm still glad you wrote it.