i can't believe he's almost 7 years old

Yesterday i visited the Adams' to help out for a few hours while Ginger had to take Henry to the doctor. As I picked up some stray toys, I came across this one and decided to impress Caid with my animal knowledge.

"Hey Caid," I said, "this is a Quagga, right?"

He glanced away from the computer, raised an eyebrow, and said nicely: "No, actually, that's an Okapi; it's related to a giraffe." He turned back to his dinosaur video.

"Oh," I replied, and looked dumbly at the toy. "So what's a Quagga?"

He turned towards me with full attention this time. "A Quagga is a type of small horse that became extinct. It had stripes on it, too," he added, as if to reaffirm me. (He told me more...but i'm just not as good at remembering this stuff as he is.)

Anyway, shows what I know. At least I got the stripes right!
NOT a Quagga

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