1 month

i can't believe we've already been married for a month...

...yet at the same time, i feel like it's been so much longer. settling into married life has been difficult, but sweet and rewarding. we were so ready.
first christmas
first dinner (zankou) in our new little place (with our designer coffee table)
Chad is working full-time at Trader Joe's, is in the midst of his winter class, and just signed up for his spring semester.
I am still at Disney television working on Minnie's Bow-toons, and was just offered more work with the possibility of full time, WOW...!
God is blessing us, and stretching us, so right now we are praying for wisdom, patience, and stamina! Sufficient sleep will definitely be one of our priorities. 
Please keep us in your prayers...Chad is nervous about the coming semester and really needs the Lord's strength. As for me, i need to learn how to be the most productive with my time and energy. i have a lot to do...including a ridiculous amount of thank you notes left to write...!

(heart) colleen

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