the secret mind palace

every so often, there comes the comfort that--to put it simply--just because you don't process and function they way everyone around you seems to, it doesn't mean you're broken.

i read this today, and usually these self-discovery/affirmation-type lists rub me the wrong way, even if i identify with  them.

but because this one hits at the Christian aspect of my life--that being, the most important and also the most personal and fragile part--and reflects me so clearly, it almost brought me to tears. the things i have always struggled with, and as a result feel like i'm not a successful christian. it's like someone looked into my walk and experiences and wrote this just for me (except maybe for the first sentence) one of those: "i know a lot of people think that this applies to THEM most, but if they only understood, they's see that it actually applies to ME more than anyone!!" ha.
tis bittersweet.

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