it has been 36 hours since i made eggplant parmesan and my skin finally doesn't smell like garlic anymore.


  1. Speaking of garlic..... how was the werewolves who don't need a full moon to transform, vampires who don't turn to ash in the sunlight but instead become more beautiful, and humans who are average Joes love triangle story/movie drama adventure that takes place in Washington and Italy?

  2. actually, in all honesty, mr. bear...

    i really enjoyed the movie. kind of a lot. maybe it's because i was so glad it was better than the first one...or perhaps because it's just a good quality film.

    think what you will.

    but consider that you and i share very similar tastes in these sort of things.

  3. you are right about us sharing similar tastes in these sort of things. but if i end up watching the movie it would be only after i read the book (i've only read Twilight), watch the first movie, and as a rental. :-)

    by the by The Fantastic Mr. Fox was splendtacular.