thank you

thank you everyone for the prayers for the family. please continue to intercede for joey, ginger and caid. the outpouring of love we have all experienced has been overwhelming...we are so grateful for our family in Christ.


  1. hello, i found your blog by searching for information about Gwen Adam's and the funeral service. my daughter is caid's classmate and i know ginger. if there is a service or vistation that is open for visitors would you mind emailing me at lisa.liou@gmail.com?

    my heart is breaking for the family.

  2. I love these pictures! She has the best most endearing smile! Thank God we'll see it again one day... in the mean time, our heart breaks.
    We are praying contantly for all of you.

  3. Colleen... I already extended my love, thoughts, and prayers to you and yours, but several close friends of mine also extend their prayers to you and your family. So much love to you and yours. Take care of yourself too okay?