i'm the one in the back fumbling with the chords...

so, might as well let you all know that i am, in theory, the new member of a band called "letting up despite great faults".

i'll be singing, guitaring, and keyboarding.

i consider it unofficial because though i have met up and played a bit with them, i haven't had a real practice session (the first of which it tonight!!) yet, and in spite of their being super cool with my having only recently picked up the guitar, part of me is kind of waiting for them to see what an amateur i am and rethink the decision to bring me aboard...yay :D
anyway, it's kind of super exciting because they are a very talented, solid and established group...we'll see what happens!



  1. I like their music lots, and I like the idea of you singing to this music more. Kind of sounds like Radio Dept. meets Boards of Canada. Exciting!

  2. Nice blog!
    Found it at random...
    Bye from Italy!