formerly known as the pendletones

i've been reading brian wilson's autobiography, and it feels like ever since i started it, i've been seeing and hearing beach boys related stuff everywhere--even more than usual. (or maybe it's just that thing that happens when, for instance, you discover something you've never really given much mind to before and suddenly it's in your face wherever you go...and was it always like that and you just weren't paying attention...? you may never know...)
anyway, that doesn't really have much do do with the point of this post...just thought it was interesting.

i found these youtube links through a friend and they kind of made my week--they are beach boys tracks stripped down to only the vocals.
it's like a dream come true to hear them...as a lover of voices and harmony and, well, awesomeness...
check them out. :)

god only knows
wouldn't it be nice
sloop john b

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