happy birthday

the boys have arrived...! 
ginger and joey's twins were born tonight at just under 30 weeks...not quite december, but it is what it is...
left: ???          right: henry

henry ~ 2 lbs, 7 oz
quoth joey via facebook: "this is the dude that kicked the bag open and started the whole ruckus, then got really tired."

no name yet! ~ 2 lbs 11 oz
joey again: "this guy played it cool, stayed in the fluid and when he got on the outside had a lot to say about the abuse he endured for 7 months."

dearest Ginger had them tonight by c-section. they just couldn't wait any longer...
i'm speechless
God is amazing. ~PLEASE keep praying for them all~


  1. My brother is super stoked the little guys share his birthday.

  2. hehe not just that, he said they could HAVE it!