for Isaac, and so many more...

This is Jaime, and her intended son, Isaac. Isaac is a special needs boy that Jaime and her family has, for the past 3 years, been trying to adopt from Russia. And then this happened:
Why has Moscow passed a law to Ban the US Adoption of Russian Orphans?

The picture is from when she and her husband first got to meet and hold him in the Russian orphanage. These past weeks have been very harrowing for them...but their faith and trust has been an encouragement and an inspiration to all around, including me! Last week Jaime wrote: 
"Our adoption is not over yet; Putin still has to sign it into law to take effect. He faces a big decision and I am personally worried sick for him. Sometimes we are motivated things of supernatural nature which can play us as if we are puppets. Please pray for Putin, he needs it right now."

A few days ago, in response to the disheartening news from Moscow, a friend of hers wrote this:

"If you are a prayer warrior, if you care about orphans, if you believe in miracles, if you believe God still works in mighty ways, PLEASE consider adding this to your prayer list. 800,000 orphans in Russia, many of them unwanted and basically condemned because of physical disabilities, need a miracle. The president of Russia signed into law a bill banning Americans from adopting Russian children. Many wonderful, loving, godly parents are in the process of adopting special children from there, including my sweet friend Jaime Easton Kelley
We will not despair. God has moved so many mountains already in the Kelleys' journey to rescue Isaac, and this is just one more that He can move! Will you pray and believe with me that God cares so much about these orphans that He will show His mighty power, change hearts and laws and move whatever mountains are necessary to bring these precious little ones into loving homes where they can come to know Him?"

Today Jaime posted this link, and wrote with it:

 "Pray that this passes. It's no small or easy thing to speak out in a country like Russia. Pray for this deputy, who is fighting for orphans with special needs. It must pass both levels of parliament and then Putin must sign..."

And if you, or anyone, is wondering why we should care oh so much? Have a read here.

Our Great and Gracious God can still work...
Sweet Isaac! Your family is fighting for you!

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