some things.

Well, lots of things. Lots of things all at once...

The twins have been diagnosed with RSV.

4 days to the wedding...and we were just informed that the place we were planning on living has been rented to someone else.

My dear friend and food coordinator, Searcy, has advanced pneumonia and told me in tears tonight that she probably won't even make it to the wedding.

It might rain on Sunday.

And i think i have a sinus infection!

those among many other "little' things. (work and finances included as well)
could i ask for prayer, please? i have not felt this overwhelmed in a long time. i know that God WILL provide, and a lot of this is Him just working out His very BEST for us.

i'm just a very scared human right now and i don't want to cry. with a sinus infection that would be really really gross.

thank you, if anyone reads this.


  1. Love you my sweet Colleen. Im praying for you. And Im looking forward to your big day, rain or no! Its okay to cry... now-- just don't do it on that day, cause then you'd be all snotty and it would get memorialized in photos and THAT would be gross...

    1. I actually just kind of addressed something like this in terms of thinking of my own life and God's answers to prayer...http://workedout.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/no-definitely-not/

  2. I say CRY and get it out! You need the release. And remember, a wedding does not the marriage make... even if it isn't exactly what you planned, it will be beautiful for everyone who loves you and is thrilled to see you and Chad tie the knot! Rainy weddings have a special feel to them, anyway.... Hang in there, dear! A week from now you will be so blissed out you won't even remember all of the little challenges leading up to the big day!