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So, this month, to spur my instagramming creativity, i'm letting Darling Magazine give me the nudges. I love this magazine, i love this organization. I love thei'r aesthetic, what it stands for, and i love their burden to educate, edify and encourage young women.
Anyway, they started the "darlinginstachallenge", and i was IN! Then each day they pick their favorite 4 from the day before on their instagram profile.

Day 3 (March 3rd) was "Reason you laughed uproariously". I entered one of my favorite pictures ever, of Chad and Maela doing what they do best: making snaggle faces at each other. See it here.

Next day, what did i see...but that they had picked the picture as one of the 4! HA! Also, they picked a picture by my friend Shelvy. Such a small world.

Anyway, so that was fun.

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