andrew and i are sitting outside of a starbucks drinking iced coffee, when a woman and a chatting little boy walk by. they are nearest just in time for us to hear her her say sweetly to him: "sometimes you talk about things that really aren't that interesting to me."
it takes a moment to sink in, but suddenly andrew and i are aghast in quiet, almost forced laughter, sharing whispered "oh my god"s as they pass us.
we are speechless for a few seconds, then andrew smirks and says, "i'm sure the kid feels the same way."


  1. I so miss hanging out with you guys.

  2. maddie! i miss you too. lucky we'll be hanging out at cassandra's this saturday...dressed in weird costumes and eating cupcakes...
    sorry we never got to go shopping. life just blindsided me the past few weeks. :|