world's most boring injuries.

a couple of years ago i messed up my knee so badly i still have to run with a brace on it...i hurt it by sleeping on it wrong.
yesterday i bruised the bottom of my foot by pressing it too hard on the rung of the stool i was sitting on. i was concentrating so intensely on my drawing i didn't notice how much pressure i was putting on it for so long a time...and now it hurts to walk.

see...? boring.


  1. I find these injuries impressive, humorous, and a little unnerving. I do not think I would have slept through the pain of my knee being in an awkward position, and I do not think I could ever focus hard enough on one thing to bruise my body... unless I was playing a sport, or my life or someone else's life were dependent upon my focus. So, um, maybe a bit boring, but interesting.

  2. Boring and hilarious! At least you didn't get a rope burn from zip lining. =/