I said to God that as soon as i had an income, i would find a child to sponsor through World Vision.

3 weeks ago i started a new job...and got my first paycheck...what a glorious day!
So then, with great excitement, i committed myself to this little girl:

Her name is Darlove, and she lives in Haiti. She likes drawing and playing with dolls...and for $35 a month she and her family can be fed, clothed, educated, and protected.
What's one less pair of shoes i can buy for myself...in exchange for giving a beautiful little girl a chance at life? I can live with that.

A few days ago i had what i can only describe as an itching in my soul...that i still was able to give more. I was feeling like i needed to commit sponsorship to another child. I said a lot of things to myself..."now colleen, you just started working, don't go overboard and start throwing your money around!"
    "but i should save that money"
"i should apply it to my student loans"
"what if i don't get another job when my season is over in November...?"
I can also buy less coffee. I can take walks instead of getting a gym membership. I don't need to renew my annual pass to disneyland.
And if i'm unemployed in 3 months? God will provide. All that other stuff is great, often necessary. We have financial obligations in this life. But this...to give to those less fortunate, is part of what we're here for. Jesus tells us so. Some people give EVERYTHING. I can give an extra $35...i know i can.
He has never not provided for me.

And so now i also sponsor Alvin, who lives in Kenya. He loves writing, playing baseball, and helps carry water for his family.
My heart warmed with happiness when i received the confirmation that he was my sponsored child. The itch was gone...for now :)

I can't wait to start corresponding with them.

And i feel so much peace in this...amidst the grief and upheaval around me.

To give is also going to be a gift to me, i think. A gift to these children, and i pray, a gift to the Lord.

It's easy to do, by the way. Becoming a sponsor. Just chick...here.

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  1. What beautiful kids! I can't really afford to sponsor right now, but if your season of employment really ends in November and you need a bit of hand, you know where to find me. <3