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Night before last i had one of those dreams that gives one the rare opportunity of being REALLY happy when you're rudely awakened by your alarm in the morning...
In my dream i decided to buy a new car--I have a job now, so i can totally afford it!--i thought to myself ( conveniently forgetting that it's only 4 months long). I mean, my current car totally has 2 dents in it...i can't possibly drive that around anymore.
So i bought a super cute awesome red Subaru...and in my dream it was pretty much exactly this model. And i loved it.

2 days later, driving blissfully up Hill Ave, a foreign man in a black SUV decided to smash my brand new pretty car. No really, he did it on purpose...and as i jumped out to confront him, he just continued to drive on...pushing my now crumpled heap of metal further up the street, blatantly ignoring my yelling and pounding on his windows. His wife in the passenger seat didn't seem to give a crap, either.
So somehow i got back to my parents'. I remember standing in their driveway, gazing at the mess that was for 2 days my new car...all the tires popped, the hood crushed and bumper in the backseat (suddenly it looked more like it had rolled down a cliff and then caught fire) and crying my eyes out.

I went inside, and got as far as telling my mom that i had bought a car...but before i got past that she asked me, "well, did you get the warranty?"


my stomach dropped. my vision wobbled...i thought back to my conversation with the dealer. nothing was said about a warranty! I DIDN'T GET THE WARRANTY!! ohhh noooooo...

As i began to feel sick and dizzy with dread, I told her i was sure it was all in the paperwork, and that i would double check. She was obviously not too pleased with my decision to get the car in the first place and was sure i would make a mistake.
I decided to *not* tell her about the accident.
The rest of the dream is mostly trying to figure out how to get a warranty before telling the dealer the car was destroyed. Lots more headachingly despairing crying, stress, legal troubles, and somehow the mafia got involved. Cause that makes sense.
Needless to say, waking up from that dream was like going back in time and undoing a week's worth of life-changing, stupid, bad, bad, VERY BAD decisions. I was so happy and relieved and in such a good mood, that nothing could dampen my spirits yesterday. Not headache, exhaustion, my parents' moving (for the most part), messing up on the same file at work 3 times in a row and having to stay late...nothing.

Last night i dreamed about the apocolypse. You know, lots of fire, crazy people, devastated landscapes, dogs running around...and i wasn't even CLOSE to being as happy to wake up from that.
Think of me what you will.

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