Chad and i have been making lots of terrariums...it started out as his Valentine's day surprise project for me :) i was already kind of obsessed before that...but now i'm TRULY obsessed. Like, buying books and constantly looking for new materials. At this point we're just experimenting for possible wedding centerpieces and also because they're super fun to make. We'll see if what we're doing is working!

Still sick...still. Just, exhaustion, dizziness, nausea...it's been weeks now. It's certainly the epstein-barr...i just don't feel like going to the doctor and getting poked with needles and paying lab fees to have them just tell me what i already know. :[

We've all been enjoying time with the boys...Ian is doing a lot better as far as his ability to move around, so that's been wonderful. I was looking at some pictures and videos i took of him before they left for arizona for christmas, and he looks like a completely different baby...not swollen, not pale, and head just brimming with long blond waves. Sweet babe...

Caid went in for bloodwork yesterday to begin to determine his eligibility to be Ian's bone marrow donor.

i miss painting so much that it's kind of aching in me. i think--i think--i have a pretty rad idea for a figure series. And it's nagging me to get started...but where, how, etc...is a mystery to me.

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