sick again??

Second time this month. really not liking this trend. first time it was Caid & Henry's fault! This time it's my parents!! ...or maybe staying up too late at a wedding on saturday.

Lord, i really, really need to be healthy for the next 7 weeks! As soon as the honeymoon's over, hit me with whatever. Please!

Mailed out a huge load of wedding invitations today....IT'S HAPPENING

A couple of weeks ago they had a pumpkin carving day at work. Being true to disney, i decided to do a villain. So, I carved a pumpkin that looked like scar.

Unfortunately i left it at work in my cubicle over the weekend...and the warmth of the office combined with a propensity to mold took care of my poor pumpkin real fast. At least i got a picture of it!

Here are Ian and Henry at my birthday thingie my family had for me. Isn't Ian looking amazing??

i'm going to go take a nap and feel pathetic now...

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