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"Everything still okay; however, since coming off of the ECMO, Ian has had trouble maintaining his temperature and has had the low heartrate. Although his heart function has continued to improve, his heartrate stays low and that and the body temperature don't really make any sense to doctors or "fit" with other things going on. 
It cannot be attributed to any of the drugs that he is on and they have pretty much checked everything they can at this point. The doctors from the beginning could not really understand why he had respiratory failure, since his lungs were sick, but never looked bad enough in the chest x-rays to have needed life support like ECMO for the lungs.

I asked if the weird bloodwork -specifically the low hemoglobin (which is the red bloodcells that transport oxygen) could have explained his trouble saturating, but doctors have since given him many blood transfusions of hemoglobin and bloodwork has had normal counts for a while now. Yet he still needs a lot of support from the ventilator and didn't tolerate much weaning of the oxygen settings yesterday.

Doctors here are very honest in that they may not have any answers for this, since they have checked on almost every possible explanation. They plan today to check his adrenal function, since one number on his thyroid function was slightly low today, when it was previously normal. They said this often can happen with very sick kids, which is what Ian is, but would investigate it anyway just to see if it yields anything. At this point the Endocrinologist is the only specialist who hasn't been consulted on Ian's case.

Please pray for either a mysterious improvement or answers (less likely) for the doctors, so they can help him improve. The important thing is that he is still stable on the ventilator."

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