News from Ginger

"Today was a better day. We are now back on the hematology/oncology floor and out of the ICU, I forgot to mention that we moved here yesterday. Ian wasn't as anxious, they kept his doses the same as yesterday, so I think it helped that he went without a wean for today. He also enjoyed his thickened milk and baby food and seemed to do well with his physical therapy. The doctors are keeping us here until he can be weaned off of the oxygen, which may take a couple more days. He is on a very low setting, but needs it to maintain his saturations for now.

Julie brought Henry to the hospital so we had a nice visit, and he seems to be doing fine with his cold. He is hilarious, he just walks around the cafeteria screaming so people will look at him, and then he makes friends with them. Julie is taking excellent care of him and it looks like he is having a great time at her house playing in her beautiful backyard with her dogs, who seem to really like him.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to remember our family! Love to all."

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