no mistakes

Read this post on a friend's blog, whose family is experiencing their own painful trial of waiting on God. Her words, and the blog she linked to, kept me up half the night...sobered in sad thoughtfulness. I left this comment on Jamie's post, and thought i'd post it here as well.

Ended up looking over almost the entire blog about Tripp, thinking about him, the preciousness of his existence, the testimony of Courtney, and how we have the hope of knowing there is no wasted life. Baby Tripp had a very specific purpose, though the eyes of the rest of the world may have seen his life as simply unnecessary. 
The suffering and death of babies has to be so agonizing to the Lord...even more so than for me, for us (though my human mind can't even comprehend it). And from that perspective i have to know that there's an infinitely greater eternal work happening.
I don't know. I'm also realizing that it's not my job to figure this all out but just to trust that somehow it is good, and that He makes all things beautiful.

Just so you know, Tripp died on the 14th, just a few days ago, his memorial was yesterday. He is free and whole...how marvelous, how wonderful.

And the Lord loves Ian...and He doesn't make mistakes.


  1. family is experiencing their own painful trial of waiting on God.Nice article,Thank you sharing..

  2. I think this is one of the hardest things we'll ever have to learn. Do we ever REALLY learn it? I wish I could fully articulate how much God has been using Ian and your family to speak to the idea of redemption to me. It's crazy to think that God loves Ian (and Tripp, and Huck, and you, and Me and...everyone) more than we have the vocabulary to describe. It's mindbending to think that love allows us to experience stuff like this, that we need to experience stuff like this to grow closer to God.