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“Had a very nice weekend seeing Joey and Caid (and Henry) thanks to my mom and dad who both stayed a night with Ian in the hospital so we could spend some time together. We also got a visits from Grammy Wren & Colleen, Auntie Trisha & Micaela and Auntie Julie and Uncle Joel.
We never really made it out if ICU. After spending a few hours on the hematology/oncology floor, they decided that Ian was working a little harder at breathing than they were comfortable with, so we got moved back to ICU. They have planned to transfer us a couple of times since then, but it hasn’t happened yet. He had an assessment from a therapist for feeding on Friday that he didn’t really pass, so he was restricted to 1 ounce of baby food twice a day for practice and no liquids or solids. He was assessed again this morning, and continued to have a bit of trouble, so they will do a swallow study tomorrow to get a bit more information. The swallow study involves drinking barium and watching with an X-ray to make sure he doesn’t aspirate anything while swallowing. This is apparently a typical side effect from being intubated for such a long time and just being overall weak from being so sick, as Ian was.
Unfortunately, it looks like we will be here a bit longer than I had been thinking and hoping for as of last week. He is continuing to get stronger every day, we are working hard at playing to try to get strength, stamina and coordination back.”

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